Gilles Deleuze, Letters and Other Texts (Semiotext(e)) June 23, 2020


A posthumous collection of writings by Deleuze, including letters, youthful essays, and an interview, many previously unpublished.

Letters and Other Texts is the third and final volume of the posthumous texts of Gilles Deleuze, collected for publication in French on the twentieth anniversary of his death. It contains several letters addressed to his contemporaries (Michel Foucault, Pierre Klossowski, François Châtelet, and Clément Rosset, among others). Of particular importance are the letters addressed to Félix Guattari, which offer an irreplaceable account of their work as a duo from Anti-Oedipus to What is Philosophy? Later letters provide a new perspective on Deleuze’s work as he responds to students’ questions.

his volume also offers a set of unpublished or hard-to-find texts, including some essays from Deleuze’s youth, a few unusual drawings, and a long interview from 1973 on Anti-Oedipus with Guattari.


Congratulations to David L. This looks like a great collection. Just bought my copy today.

I had forgotten when this book was supposed to be released and then saw Vern’s post and got excited again for it.

The Deleuze Seminars, Website Launch

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**I have been on the editorial team for years for this project and today we are launching our NEH funded website. It is by far the most comprehensive collection of Deleuze’s seminars on the internet.

The Deleuze Seminars

We are delighted to announce the virtual launch of a new archive site, The Deleuze Seminars (, devoted to the work of the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995). The site has several goals:

— To provide English translations and French transcriptions, many newly developed for the site, of the seminar lectures Deleuze gave at the University of Paris, Vincennes-St. Denis, between 1971 and 1987.

— To provide additional documents — course notes, lectures, video links, and interviews — that complement the formal course lectures.

— To provide a location for ongoing data rescue. Most of Deleuze’s seminars were recorded by his students, yet very few recordings from the 1970s have been archived, or even survived, and some gaps remain for the 1980 seminars. The Deleuze Seminars is hosting a data rescue effort to retrieve and save as many of these recordings as possible.

We welcome you to explore the resources available at the The Deleuze Seminars by visiting The site includes new English translations (and many new French transcriptions) and already several of Deleuze’s complete seminars on Foucault (1985-86) and Leibniz (1980, 1986-87), with several other seminars currently in development. For queries about the archive or to discuss possible rescue of extant data, please contact

The Deleuze Seminars site is an ongoing project that has been undertaken with support from Purdue University, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and in collaboration with the Bibliothèque nationale de France (, the Université de Paris 8 ( and Web Deleuze (

Daniel Smith (Purdue University), Charles J. Stivale (Wayne State University)


Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer la mise en place d’un nouveau site d’archives, The Deleuze Seminars(, consacré aux oeuvres du philosophe français Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995). Les buts du site sont les suivants:

— Offrir les traductions en anglais et le transcriptions en français, dont beaucoup sont disponibles pour la première fois, des séances dans les séminaires annuels de Deleuze à l’Université de Paris entre 1971 et 1987.

— Offrir d’autres documents – notes de cours, conférences, liens aux enregistrements vidéos et audios, et entretiens – qui se lient aux séances des séminaires.

— Offrir un lieu pour promouvoir la récupération des données deleuziennes. La plupart des séminaires ont été enregistrés par ses étudiants, mais nous possédons très peu des enregistrements faits pendant les années 70, avec des lacunes également pendant les années 80. The Deleuze Seminars offre donc un site pour soutenir l’effort de retrouver ces ressources afin d’ouvrir un dépôt actif pour les enregistrements, notes de cours, ou vidéos qui n’ont pas encore été partagés.

Nous vous invitons d’explorer les ressources déjà disponisbles au site en le visitant à Le site contient de nouvelles traductions en anglais (et de nouvelles transcriptions en français) et déjà plusieurs séminaires entiers, dont Foucault (1985-86) et Leibniz (1980, 1986-87), avec d’autres séminaires actuellement sous développement. Pour des renseignements à propos de l’archive ou pour fournir des données deleuziennes en vue de les contribuer au site, veuillez nous joindre à

Le site The Deleuze Seminars est un effort actif rendu possible grâce au soutien de Purdue University, the National Endowment for the Humanities, et la collaboration de la Bibliothèque nationale de France (, l’Université de Paris 8 ( et Web Deleuze (

Daniel Smith (Purdue University), Charles J. Stivale (Wayne State University)


Deleuze and Anarchism (2019) edited by Chantelle Gray Van Heerden, Aragorn Eloff

I just got my advance copy of Deleuze and Anarchism. Congratulations to the editors on this excellent book!

Explores Deleuze and Guattari’s own diverse conceptions of anarchism and expands it in the spirit of their philosophy

This collection of 13 essays addresses and explores Deleuze and Guattari’s relationship to the notion of anarchism: in the diverse ways that they conceived of and referred to it throughout their work, and also more broadly in terms of the spirit of their philosophy and in their critique of capitalism and the State.

Both Deleuze and Guattari were deeply affected by the events of May ’68 and an anarchist sensibility permeates their philosophy. However, they never explicitly sustained a discussion of anarchism in their work. Their concept of anarchism is diverse and they referred to in very different senses throughout their writings. This is the first collection to bring Deleuze and Guattari together with anarchism in a focused and sustained way.

Table of Contents

List of Illustrations

Section I: Deleuze and Guattari and Anarchism

1. Crowned Anarchy-Anarchy-Anarchism – Countereffectuating Deleuze and Guattari’s Politics
Aragorn Eloff

2. No Gods! No Masters!: From Ontological to Political Anarchism
Thomas Nail (free download)

3. Absolutely Deterritorial: Deleuze, Indigeneity and Ethico-Aesthetic Anarchism as Strategy
Andrew Stones

4. Micropolitics and Social Change: Deleuze and Guattari for Anarchist Theory and Practice
Paul Raekstad

Section II: Theoretical Perspectives

5. Deleuze and the Anarchist Tradition
Nathan Jun

6. Immanent Ethics and Forms of Representation
Elizabet Vasileva

7. Deleuze and Stirner: Ties, Tensions and Rifts
Elmo Feiten

8. Anarchy and Institution: A New Sadean Possibility
Natascia Tosel

Section III: Relays of a Different Kind

9. Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolves?: Coming to Terms With Deleuze
Jesse Cohn

10. Deterritorialising Anarchist Geographies: A Deleuzian Approach
Alejandro de la Torre and Gerónimo Barrera de la Torre

11. ‘Visible Invisibility’ as Machinic Resistance
Christoph Hubatschke

12. Pierre Clastres and the Amazonian War Machine
Gregory Kalyniuk

13. From the Autochthonousphere to the Allochthonousphere: Escaping the Logics of Plantations and the Moving Target
Chantelle Gray van Heerden

Notes on Contributors