Favorite Writing Music of 2020

Happy 2021! These are my favorite albums to write to that came out in 2020. This year I decided not to narrow the list to 10, but the first 10 on this list were my favorite. There was a lot of good writing music this year, but these are only the albums I listened to the most. I listen only to instrumental music when I write and find that it helps me focus. I hope it helps you too.

Silver Ladders, Mary Lattimore

Alone II, Lambert

Roped In, North Americans

Places II, The Tin Box

Surrender, Dmitry Evgrafov

Six Songs for Invisible Gardens, Green-House

The Letdown, William Ryan Fritch 

Scattered on the Wind, Sophie Hutchings

Tycho, Simulcast 

Hill, Flower, Fog, Emily Sprague

Past palms, Vernal

Slow Machines, Michael Grigoni 

Green, Hiroshi Yoshimura

Spring Inside, Valotihkuu

Field Works: Ultrasonic 

Soon This May All Be Sea, Ben McElroy

By the Ash Tree, Slow Meadow

Be, Jogging House

2020 Summer Single Series, Moderna

Volutes, Snowdrops

Midday, Max Ananyev

Pilgrimage, X.Y.R

Instrumentals, Adrianne Lenker

Ficciones Del Tropico, Molero

Tripping with Nils Frahm, Nils Frahm

Home Diaries 28, Ben McElroy

Infinity, oDDling